Speaking during his national radio program Thursday, host Buck Sexton slammed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, saying he cares more about the bureaucracy of the DOJ than their reckless attacks on the Trump campaign.

“Mark my words, Nancy Pelosi, if in fact the Democrats take back the House this fall, their position on how you can only impeach somebody for very serious charges, that will change. They’re going to impeach Trump on whatever they want,” said Buck.

“They’re going to make something up, it doesn’t matter. Impeachment is not just about criminal offenses. Go back and look it up. Drunkenness was grounds for removal from the federal bench,” he added.

“Rosenstein is a problem. Rosenstein is an institutionalist and bureaucrat-extraordinaire. He cares more about the DOJ than he does about getting to the truth about what the DOJ did here,” Sexton said.

Listen to ‘The Buck Sexton Show’ above.

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