National radio host Buck Sexton slammed the liberal media and left-wing politicians this week, saying Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will be attacked as a “sexist and racist” just to appease the Democratic base.

“The left is going to smear this man in so many ways. He is going to be engaged in true government service because he’s going to have to endure the worst kinds of character assassinations, distortions, accusations of sexism and racism,” said Buck.

“The left is going to throw everything at him. Even if they can’t stop the nomination, they have to because they have to show the base how much they are about having judges on the Supreme Court who give the left what they want,” he added.

“It’s not about political philosophy. It’s about power. Because they feel as if they’re losing that, you do get the sense that there’s a paranoia that you’re seeing with many of the most prominent voices opposing Kavanaugh,” Sexton said.

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