On Wednesday’s show, National Review writer David French joined Buck to discuss his latest piece, Feminism Has a Ferocity Problem, about the devaluing of traditional (and in some cases natural) roles for women.

“I’ve noticed a real turn in the rhetoric,” French began. “What you’re beginning to see is this idea that women need to be fierce, they need to be aggressive, they need to be fighters. One of the best ways to make feminists angry is to imply that a woman needs to be rescued by a guy.”

“It’s creating this fiction. It’s pushing girls into this box of boyhood, when they’re not the same.”

Buck asked why the Left wants to erase gender distinctions.

“A lot of this boils down to pure careerism, to ambition,” French argued. “If you’ve gotten to the top of corporations in media and elsewhere, you’re probably more on the aggressive side, more on the risk-taking side. But for feminists, that’s the definition of what feminism looks like. It’s the powerful tech CEO, or cabinet secretary–that’s the paradigm of female success. Whereas others would say in a free and just society, it’s about being able to define for yourself what success is, and living according to the way you want to live. But feminism is saying it’s a loss to feminism if a brilliant woman wants to stay home with the kids. Rather than it being about choices in how you live, it’s about outcomes, and those outcomes have to mirror the male world in order to be valid.”

Buck brought up as an example the cult status attained by the “Fearless Girl” statues now staring down the Bull statue outside Wall Street.

“I don’t even know what she’s supposed to be fearless of,” Buck mused.

“Yeah, it’s become almost a pilgrimage site,” said French. “It makes no sense in context. You have this tiny girl in front of a wild animal. I’d call it ‘Seconds Before Tragedy.'”

“What it is is an attitude is spit in the face of adversity, and no matter what happens, fight, fight, fight. That’s an imposition for a lot of people, and that’s not the way they want to live.”

Buck traced the origins of this thinking to Marxism, which sought to erase gender distinctions to achieve absolute equality, down to the way comrades dressed.

French agreed. “What the attempt is is to make men less aggressive, and make women more aggressive. But people are not blank slates like that. We’re wired differently, and the fact that we are different has played out for thousands of years.”

“That’s not to say some women aren’t wired to be pretty darn ferocious. And a fair society says that people should have equal opportunity to succeed in fields where they’re able. But reality gets a vote here.”