National radio host Buck Sexton blasted left-wing lawmakers and the mainstream media last week for refusing to acknowledge the facts regarding Russian “collusion,” saying liberals would rather be “dishonest and dumb” than proven wrong on President Trump.

“You had anti-Trumpers in the bureaucratic apparatus who were playing games; Comey, Sally Yates, Strzok, they have all been anti-Trump for quite some time,” said Buck. “McCabe, Ohr, Rod Rosenstein also mentioned in the FISA memo.”

“[The mainstream media] have lost their minds. There is a psychosis that is clearly at the heart of the Russian collusion hysteria,” he added. “People have had a break with reality because new information doesn’t affect their judgment of the situation at all. New information doesn’t change their stance.”

“The mainstream and the left are so dumb, they’re so incapable of facing the truth on this. They’re so terrified of their credibility being sprayed as refuse all over the lawn, that they won’t look at the facts as they’re presented,” Sexton said.

“They’d rather be dumb and dishonest than wrong,” added Buck.

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