Congressional Republicans sent a “criminal referral” to the Department of Justice this week; demanding full investigations into senior Obama officials and their willingness to “abuse the laws” to takedown Trump.

“All these former senior figures in the Obama administration who have come forward to be part of the ‘resistance’ and they are lending a lot of credibility to the notion that this Russian collusion investigation is going to come up with some kind of ending that brings down Trump,” said Buck Sexton.

“They’ve got all these fever swamp fantasies. But it’s based upon waging a form of legal warfare against the administration with the help of the media,” he added. “They’re working in a pair here. Former officials in the Obama administration working with people in the media.”

“Finally, you have this GOP referral… It’s the first step in a much longer process of pushing back against all the things that have been done against this administration by those who are willing to abuse the laws. Enough is enough,” said Sexton.

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