National radio host Buck Sexton weighed-in on recent revelations that the FBI’s Trump investigation was codenamed ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Wednesday, saying the whole story behind the probe “just doesn’t add up.”

“They call it ‘Crossfire Hurricane,’ the codename the FBI gave to the Russia collusion investigation,” said Buck.

“The names we keep seeing her as the justification for this are Carter Page and Manafort; this just doesn’t add up,” he added. “I do not accept that anyone looking at those guys in good faith, from within the FBI or wherever, would say we have to direct our spying power to get these guys.”

“What the media magnifies and what they downplay, that’s where they derive most of their power. What do they cover and what do they not cover. These are the editorial decisions that make a real difference in perception,” Sexton said.

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