Hours before President Trump was set to deliver his first State of the Union address to the American people, desperate democrats were on edge over the pending release of the House Intelligence Committee’s FISA memo, saying the document’s disclosure was worse than Watergate.

“Democrats in a panic on the eve of the State of the Union address. Not over the President’s speech, which is rightfully going to be a combination of victory dance and celebration of our bright future in this country,” said Buck Sexton.

“They’re not worried about that so much as this memo that the House Intelligence Committee has voted to release,” he added. “Within a few days it’s likely to be out there for all of us to see. They’re so upset. Democrats are going back in history, saying ‘It’s like Watergate and the Salem Witch Trials.’”

“All of the scary bad things from the memo all at once. Or maybe they’ve just lost the argument on this. They’ve realized it’s all over for everyone saying, ‘Don’t release the memo. All the secrets are in there.’ No, they’re not. That’s not a real objection. The secrets are taken out of there,” Sexton said. “Secrecy is always a balancing act.”

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