Former Obama officials are set to face tough questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee Wednesday over Russian meddling, with Congressional leaders hoping to get answers over what really happened in the months leading up to the 2016 election.

“If I were to find out that I was really wrong on all this, meaning there really was a credible and serious effort to work with Russia, I would be very upset at the Trump administration and I would want justice,” said Buck Sexton.

“On the other hand, if it becomes irrefutably true that the intelligence community, the FBI, the DOJ were embroiled in a plot to undermine the Trump administration… The left will say it was necessary under the circumstances,” he added.

“If we get to that day where it’s all there, they won’t care,” Sexton said. “They’re not playing this game to be ethical. It’s just a façade, they have no interest in the facts or the truth, they just meant to tie-down Trump and his administration.”

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