Senate Democrats lashed-out at President Trump’s nominee to lead the CIA Wednesday, accusing Gina Haspel of endorsing ‘torture’ and using the issue to attack Republicans heading into the 2018 midterm elections.

“She’s getting a lot of heat from the left over this, they’re getting all worked up over what they call ‘torture.’ The Democrats like this debate because it makes them feel morally superior to Republicans,” said Buck Sexton.

“There are some Democrats where I really do want to ask the question, ‘What side are you on, again?’ Sometimes it feels like they’re not exactly playing for keeps for America,” he added.

“They like the debate around ‘torture’ because it’s easy after the fact to make claims about how they were opposed to it,” said Sexton. “We have moved past this now as an issue of blame-shifting, but Democrats haven’t. They still think this is a place where they think they should dig-in and double down.”

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