National radio host Buck Sexton slammed liberal legislators who are desperately attempting to hide the explosive FISA memo from the American people on Monday, asking how releasing the information could possibly be “damaging to national security.”

“If the information is as follows: ‘FISA warrant based on Fusion GPS was granted and the following Trump affiliated people did, in fact, have their communications monitored.’ That information in some way has already been released to the press when it was damaging to Trump,” said Buck.

“What would be the damage to national security from that? What would be the damage to sources and methods from knowing who in the Trump team was surveilled and Fusion GPS was the basis for it?” he asked.

“The answer is: There’s no damage to national security. There’s damage to the Democrat Party,” Sexton said. “That’s what they’re worried about, that’s what this is all about. They’re trying to protect their political power. They’re trying to save their partisan butts on this one.”

“How do they ever recover from this?” he asked.  “Why can’t we know the facts? Why can’t we know the truth? We have all these investigations going on. How is there a way that the information that maybe released here could be so damaging and also false?”

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