National radio host Buck Sexton unloaded on liberal legislators last week over their delusional opposition to President Trump’s obvious successes; saying the Democrats are “praying for a catastrophe” to get the President out of office.

“We know now that what we suspected all along, what we thought all along is just irrefutably true: Hillary got a pass because of politics, and Trump is being ambushed and stymied and harassed because of politics,” said Buck.

“Of all the things Trump has exposed by just being who he is and just being in office […] I don’t think we could have known until Trump became President […] that they would try and end his presidency, and that the DOJ would be a centerpiece in that,” Sexton said.

“They’re not winning the argument against Trump. They would expect at this point within a year that Trump’s approval rating would be complete garbage and he’s on the way out,” he added. “Democrats are praying for a catastrophe right now because absent that they’re not going to have a chance at winning the House or the Senate.”

“They’re starting to figure that out, and they’re not going to be able to take Trump down with this complete sham of an investigation,” said Buck.

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