National radio host Buck Sexton called-out left-wing activists and their “politically motivated stalking” of Trump officials this week, saying there’s something “clearly off” about the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

“The Democrats have no message right now about anything. They’re going to find out that calling Trump ‘Hitler’ is not inspiring to anyone who’s not a little deranged. It’s not going to work, especially with a country that’s doing as well as we’re doing,” said Buck.

“When do you they think this is going to change? When do they think there’s going to be a moment for the message to all of a sudden come through. It’s July, nothing happens in DC in August,” he added.

“We’ve got September and October for them to make their case to the American people. All these incidents of ‘politically motivated stalking,’ there’s obviously something really off about a lot of people on the left. It’s obviously a real problem,” Sexton said.

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