Bureaucrats at the Justice Department and the FBI prepared for the Inspector General’s scathing report Thursday morning, just hours before the DOJ watchdog is prepared to release the material to Congressional leaders.

“You’ve got this IG report that’s going to cause some serious headaches for the cabal at the DOJ. We might start to get some more definitive answers on just what happened. I think you’re going to see people step away from it,” said Buck Sexton.

“This report has really got a lot of people fired up about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who should be recused from all of these matters anyway. There may have been this back and forth where you saw the bureaucracy bare its teeth and possibly threaten oversight,” he added.

“That’s a red line. You cannot have that. If we’re going to be country that’s about the rule of law and have bureaucrats with a lot of power, they cannot get away with that type of behavior,” Sexton said.

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