Aside from the Loretta Lynch bombshell, one of the other chief exculpatory disclosures to come from James Comey’s testimony today is that the original New York Times “bombshell” that set the groundwork for all future insinuations about contacts between Trump affiliates and Russia was, in Comey’s words,”in the main, not true.”

“The challenge, and I’m not picking on reporters, about writing stories about classified information is the people talking about it often don’t really know what’s going on and those of us who actually know what’s going on are not talking about it,” Comey said in reference to the piece.

Later on, Senator Tom Cotton asked Comey if the story was “almost entirely wrong.”

Comey said, “Yes.”

Comey agrees with Cotton reference to NYT Feb 14 story as “almost entirely wrong”

Yes, that’s CNN’s Jake Tapper confirming as much. Must be a good day to be a mainstream media reporter!

In essence, saying that story is almost entirely wrong is like saying there is no such thing as carbon. It’s the basic building block of the whole charade of insinuating that this administration has been compromised by its relationship with Russia.

More on this tonight.