The non-stop media frenzy surrounding the controversial FISA memo has all but assured its release, said radio host Buck Sexton on Thursday; adding that the breathless coverage has gone too far for the White House to not release the controversial document.

“There’s not another option here, other than release the memo. What are you going to do at this point? You’re going to turn this memo into the Roswell landings, you can’t do that. There’s been a non-stop news cycle on the memo,” said Buck.

“Think about what that message would mean? Think about what that would be sending?” he asked. “Neither the President nor the Congress has the ability, the right to tell the American people about what a subservient part of the government has been up to?”

“One of the things that most separates us from all these scary countries around the world […] is when the intelligence agencies are accountable to no one except the leader, and in fact, in many ways are more powerful than the leader,” Sexton said.

“You have people who would be senior in the intelligence agency who would end up running the country because they can amass so much power,” he added.

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