On Tuesday’s show, Buck invited Sara Carter, National Security Correspondent for Circa News, into the Freedom Hut to summarize the need-to-knows from the Susan Rice revelations.

Carter ran quickly through the history of unmasking under the Obama administration.

“When the laws on unmasking were relaxed under Obama, White House advisor Susan Rice was accessing transcripts that she had obtained, and those transcripts referenced Donald Trump and his associates,” Carter said. “What was in those transcripts was not known because they are highly classified.”

“She claims she didn’t use [what she saw] for political purposes,” Carter continued. “But a lot of people are calling for her to testify before Congress about what she was looking at and why.”

Buck asked if that was going to happen.

“She didn’t give an inkling either way,” Carter replied. “But we know Trey Gowdy wants her to, Rand Paul, chairman Nunes… there’s a lot of people very, very concerned.”

Carter emphasized that investigations were not within the purview of the National Security Adviser.

“She talked about the need to know, but she’s not FBI Director James Comey,” Carter said. “So when she’s requesting the unmasking in all these documents, we have to ask ourselves, why? It’s not the job of the National Security Adviser to lead an investigation.”

“This is a very, very serious civil liberties issue.”

Buck agreed, summarizing the question in a larger context.

“What we’re talking about here, if true, would be a NSA adviser using the powers of the intelligence community, and its incredible, massive, widespread spying and surveillance techniques, for the purpose of settling a political score with an incoming administration.”

“That is third-world-scary stuff.”

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