National radio host Buck Sexton slammed the “liberal fantasy” surrounding the President’s Supreme Court pick; blasting their claims Trump picked his nominee to protect himself from any criminal investigation.

“That’s right folks, Trump’s main position -as the left is saying it- is he needs to pick a Supreme Court Justice that will keep him out of prison. It’s so pathetic,” said Buck. “The only way to describe a lot of this stuff is these are un-serious people making un-serious arguments that we have to take seriously because they’re damaging. That’s what’s really happening.”

“These are not serious arguments, these are not serious people. The notion that the President’s first priority is to pick a Supreme Court Justice that’s going to save his bacon if he gets in criminal jeopardy just isn’t going to happen,” he added.

“This is just some left-wing, liberal fantasy. They need to stop, but they can’t because they’ve dug themselves too deep into this hole,” Sexton said.

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