While the explosive FISA memo continues to rattle Democratic lawmakers throughout the Capitol, the Russian collusion investigation is beginning to boomerang back on liberal lawmakers as the probe turns towards the FBI, DOJ, and Hillary campaign.

“As I told you, the memo did not end any story, it’s just an important phase, an important part of the much larger story about what happened to the Trump administration,” said Buck Sexton.

“The stakes are no longer just about whether or not Trump colluded, it’s very much a story about whether or not the FBI, the DOJ, the Hillary campaign, and the media colluded against Trump,” he added.

“You’ll notice all these former ‘non-partisan’ senior intelligence directors and agency heads, they run over to these left-wing networks and become attack dogs,” Sexton said. “Perhaps after eight years of Obama, and Hillary as Secretary of State, and the expectations of her to become President that some of these very powerful folks who are no longer in government… Maybe they were just the same way but not public about it when they were inside government?”

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