Speaking during his national radio program Monday night, host Buck Sexton called-out the full-fledged meltdown on the left; saying liberals have relied on the Supreme Court for decades to advance their agenda.

“You know what’s amazing? How clear it becomes that the liberal left relies so much on the Supreme Court. You look at some of the most important decisions, this is why there’s such a freak out,” said Buck.

“Some of the biggest ‘wins’ for progressives in recent decades are things that were handed to the left by the Supreme Court. Issues that would have been better decided at the state level were not. Abortion, same-sex marriage, all these other cases,” he added.

“The left has also been bailed out by the Supreme Court in recent years,” Sexton said. “Remember, Roberts saved Obamacare by changing the plain language to mean something other than what it said. Without that, we wouldn’t have this healthcare monstrosity.”

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