Speaking during his national radio program Tuesday, host Buck Sexton called-out liberal corporations in Seattle who are “losing their minds” over the city’s ‘homeless tax,’ saying Amazon and Starbucks are “suddenly” worried about government inefficiencies.

“Amazon, which is one of the most powerful companies in the world, and Starbucks, you would think they would be all in favor of a tax to deal specifically with homelessness,” said Buck. “It’s going to be roughly $250 per person in taxes to this fund to deal with homelessness.”

“Starbucks and Amazon are suddenly calling out how the government is inefficient. They’re saying the government’s not going to spend the money well,” he added. “Hold on a second Amazon and Starbucks, you guys push a progressive agenda all the time. Now you’re worried about the government being inefficient?”

“When the tax affects you, now it’s a problem. Now it’s anti-business, now it’s anti-competitive. Couldn’t that be true with other taxes?” asked Sexton.

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