National radio host Buck Sexton called-out liberal activists across the United States in their desperate attempt to redefine “racism” Thursday; saying the Left’s “twisted logic” has now made it possible for “racism” to no longer apply to white people.

“The Left in all of its contortions and lack of principle, its relentless pursuit of the power to silence opposition, the Left has decided to redefine racism in such a way that it no longer can be used against white people,” said Buck.

“You can hate somebody because they’re white, you can put someone down because they’re white, you can say whatever you want about white people and it’s not racism. It may be not nice, they’ll admit to that,” he added.

“They won’t go beyond that, they won’t agree that its racism because the Left has created an environment where there are consequences for racists. You’re told if you’re racist you should lose your job,” Sexton said.

Listen to ‘The Buck Sexton Show’ above.

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