Speaking during his national radio program Tuesday night, host Buck Sexton slammed the mainstream media’s hysterical coverage of Trump’s Supreme Court pick; saying the full-fledged meltdown was all based on a nonsense conspiracy theory.

“There’s no way that you can oppose Kavanaugh on rational grounds, the only way you can oppose him is on political grounds, on policy grounds,” said Buck. “If you were to look at what it is the left is so upset about, it’s not the kind of stuff you’re supposed to be taking into consideration.”

“I turn on MSNBC just to see the coverage… It was comical. It’s unintentionally funny to watch,” he added.

“There’s just so much crazy out there right now. The primary opposition to Trump’s pick is a conspiracy theory. The theory is that the main reason that Trump made this pick is to shield him from criminal investigation,” Sexton said.

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