Speaking during his national radio program Wednesday, host Buck Sexton slammed the mainstream media’s negative coverage of Trump’s plan to scrap the Iranian nuclear deal; saying their true goal is to take down the President.

“The President of the United States is forcing the media into contortions of desperation in their anti-Trump mania that’s almost hard to explain,” said Buck.

“They go so all in against Trump that they’ve lost all credibility,” he added. “That’s an important place to start the conversation. We all know they’re not the honest arbiters of what’s going on. The reason ‘fake news’ bothers them so much because they are in many cases guilty of ‘fake news.’”

“They do belly flops into the shallow end of the pool with their news reporting on Trump on a regular basis and we know why,” Sexton said. “He’s a threat to their sense of importance, to their careers, to their power.”

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