President Trump majorly disappointed the mainstream media and liberal activists around the country last week; taking the World Economic Forum by storm and promoting American businesses on the global stage as “journalists” watched in disbelief.

“They just can’t handle any of this. They hate what’s going on. Here’s the overall storyline they’ve been running with for a long time: ‘The international community hates Trump. We’re not going to have any allies left. World leaders won’t talk to us,’” said Buck Sexton.

“So much whining, so much snowflake-ism out there from people who think that Trump is going to destroy all of our relations with the rest of the world and he’s so terrible,” he added. “Meanwhile, he shows up in Davos […] and he’s got this collection of world leaders, and these kinds of events are really just media photo ops. It’s not about meaningful policy.”

“Trump takes that as an opportunity to get the message out there. They’re not going to hash out some amazing international agreement with world leaders, but Trump’s going to say, ‘Hey, we’re open for business, things are going well,’” Sexton said.

“He’s treated there like a rock star. The Trump presidency is not this blight, it’s not this terrible evil that people don’t want to be anywhere near. That’s just not the case and the press is all freaked out about it,’” added Buck.

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