National radio host Buck Sexton called-out the mainstream media Wednesday for their anti-Trump hysteria surrounding NATO, saying the President has done more to crackdown on Russia than his predecessor.

“If there was an incident involving Russia creating some disturbance… I’m not saying we wouldn’t put sanctions on Russia, but would you want your son or daughter getting para-dropped into a war-zone and fighting Russian forces?” asked Buck.

“I’m not saying no, but can we think about this? Anything that Trump is involved in, people don’t want to have a rational conversation,” he added. “They’re so dishonest. They say Putin is so close with Trump… The Trump administration has been willing to arm the Ukrainian military with lethal weapons, the Obama administration refused.”

“Those weapons that we’ve been giving to the Ukrainian army to fight against Russian-backed separatists; Obama’s team wouldn’t do that, they backed-off,” Sexton said.

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