The mainstream media’s all-out anti-Trump hysteria was on full display over the weekend, with pundits and liberal legislators obsessing over former FBI director James Comey’s “tell-all” interview with ABC News.

“Everything that I’ve told you about this guy is true. That he’s the most sanctimonious bureaucrat that I’ve ever come across,” said Buck Sexton. “It’s all about Comey… He really does believe in the truth, and justice, and religion of Comey.”

“Most of the people who make a living from sharing information with the public and constructing narratives for the public… those people are stuck in some paranoid delusion about how the President is a Russian agent,” he added.

“Comey has pulled off this incredible feat of being the reason Hillary Clinton lost the election, and now Comey’s the guy that they’re all celebrating because he’s trashing Trump,” Sexton said.

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