National radio host Buck Sexton weighed-in on MSNBC’s blatant double-standard regarding Joy Reid Monday; blasting the network for allowing the liberal anchor to “get away” with vicious homophobic slurs.

“Joy Reid comes from [the liberal] side of the political spectrum. Not that interesting except about 10 years ago she had a blog and she wrote stuff about gay people that would be distasteful in any period,” said Buck.

“Especially for someone who happens to be a woman of the progressive left, a social justice activist with a television show, it’s a big problem,” he added.

“That all said, I’m okay with someone evolving in their views, I’m okay with people apologizing for overstating or going too far with something,” Sexton said. “My problem with Joy Reid is that she’s a liar. My problem with NBC is that they’re letting her get away with it.”

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