As the political fallout from the explosive FISA memo continues to rattle the nation’s capital, the “disingenuous” arguments behind liberal opposition to the document’s release are proven totally false; with absolutely nothing in the material harming national security or American interests.

“It was such a sad day over at CNN and some of these places, they’re so upset […] Not a single one of those journalists knows a thing about FISA, intelligence, anything. They don’t even know how a simple warrant works in the criminal justice system,” said Buck Sexton.

“Anyone who’s seen this memo […] and anyone who said this is going to harm national security and had sources and methods concerns is a liar or an idiot,” he added. They were just playing games. There’s nothing, there’s no basis in this four-page memo for national security concerns. Nobody will be harmed because of this memo, no one is in jeopardy because of this memo.”

“How could they get it so wrong? How could they be making that claim? The whiplash we all had from a few days ago, and then today it’s a ‘nothing burger.’ How did we go from one to the other?” asked Buck.

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