President Trump announced his historic decision to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement Tuesday, prompting a fierce backlash from liberal legislators and the mainstream media who predicted the move would “flip the world upside down.”

“President Trump following through on what he’s been talking about for quite a while here. The Iran deal was a bad deal, he said it, so now he’s not going to be bound by it,” said Buck Sexton. “The media is hysterical about this because you see them acting like this is going to flip the world upside down.”

“What it will do is put the Mullahs in Iran on notice that they’re behavior in the Middle East is unacceptable,” he added. “We’re not going to sit back and let them have their way. That’s just unacceptable to us.”

“Obama wasn’t looking for concessions, Obama wanted a foreign policy legacy,” Sexton said. “This really comes down to one’s world view. Democrats think if we’re nicer to very bad regimes then they will do things the way we want them to.”

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