National radio host Buck Sexton slammed MSNBC and other media outlets after openly rooting for a recession Thursday; saying the networks have no other arguments against the President other than hoping for an economic collapse.

“It’s pretty gross but there’s some truth to it. Their messaging against the President, they’re shooting a BB gun against a tank, it’s just not going to do anything,” said Buck.

“On the economy, MSNBC and others are right, they have to root for a recession, they have to root for failure. They can try as much as they want to tell us the economy is not good, we know they’re lying,” he added.

“It is good, if it was bad that’s all we’d hear about. Obama had the media so in his pocket that having a bad economy and a bad recovery for four years was barely covered,” said Sexton. “If things stay the way they are, it’s going to be a red tsunami.”

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