Speaking during his national radio program Tuesday night, host Buck Sexton slammed Robert Mueller’s year-long investigation; saying the special counsel’s Russian obsession was turning into a “glorified IRS audit.”

“Those of you listening know of the outright disdain I have for the different news anchors, reporters, pundits, Democrats that decided over the weekend -almost like they had some kind of memo- that we should make a big deal of the whole Russia meeting again,” said Buck.

“Then they started running anonymous-sourced articles that Trump is very nervous about his son. This is the construction of a narrative for the purposes of score-settling. They need an excuse to talk more about this meeting,” he added.

“The Trump Tower meeting is the only bit of data they have in the universe that’s collusion. They have to cling to it and they need an excuse to bring it up again… They have to make it seem it seem that Trump is personally worried about the legal jeopardy of his son,” Sexton said.

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