As the House Intelligence Committee is poised to release its bombshell FISA memo to the public, those in the highest levels of the FBI and DOJ are hoping to avoid a massive political fall-out; going so far as to fire Deputy Director Andrew McCabe just weeks before he was set to retire.

“Now the storyline from the left-wing echo chamber is that, ‘Trump is attacking our institutions.’ Actually, Director Wray at the FBI has hinted that the report from the Inspector General may have played a role in McCabe getting the boot,” said Buck Sexton.

“Think about it from Wray’s standpoint… Wray the FBI director telling his number two he has to go now. Not in a number of weeks when he’s scheduled to go, he needs to go now,” he added. “There’s only one conclusion that I can come to with all of this.”

“At the center of all of this is the memo. You’ve got to think that this FBI, DOJ, FISA abuse memo has some pretty damaging stuff in it. That it’s going to hurt. It’s going to hit hard. Some of the folks inside those institutions […] seem to have come into the understanding that this memo is going to come out one way or the other,” Sexton said.

“Instead of kicking and screaming and fighting to prevent transparency, don’t you think that it’d be better if we were just allowed to see it?” he asked. “Some of the folks that are involved here may have realized that, ‘We better get ready for what’s going to hit.’”

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