President Trump continued to shake things up on the world stage this week, ditching his predecessor’s strategy of “apologizing for America” and making big gains on North Korea and ISIS.

“They got five of the biggest ISIS leaders too. Trump somehow is getting back hostages and capturing ISIS guys without delivering pallets of cash, without bowing a lot, without apologizing for America all over the world,” said Buck Sexton.

“He’s not using some of the old tricks from the previous administration, he’s doing it his own way. It’s working, and that has the Democrats terrified,” he added. “They can’t run on the economy. They’re going to try, but it’s not going to work.”

“They were acting under the assumption that national security and foreign policy would be a weak spot for Trump,” Sexton said. “They never anticipated that this President would get to the place that he’s gotten already on a bunch of these problems.”

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