National radio host Buck Sexton unloaded on the nation’s former intelligence directors Monday, saying their all-out assault on the Trump administration is causing severe damage to America’s national security apparatus.

“On this pulling of the clearances, you have all these people who want to lecture you, lecture me on how Trump is undermining institutions. This is what you’ll hear. Then, look at how this will impact these same institutions,” said Buck.

“To have the former director of intelligence agencies become shills for the left, to sign contracts as fast as they can at left-wing networks that have completely loft their minds… CNN is a place that’s become overrun with anti-Trump delusion,” he added.

“For the former chiefs of the national security apparatus in this country to go out there and just become pathetic partisans, not even smart partisans… These are clownish statements. They’re not even good critics of the administration,” Sexton said.

Listen to ‘The Buck Sexton Show’ above.

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