National radio host Buck Sexton called out Sen. Bob Corker Wednesday night, blasting the GOP legislator’s comments after he referred to his colleagues as members of President Trump’s “cult.”

“Remember folks, if the Democrats win the House they will impeach. I can almost assure you of that. People are starting to wonder: Do you have to be on Trump’s good side to have a shot as a Republican these days?” asked Buck.

“You have others out there like Bob Corker who are saying there’s a ‘cult’ around Trump. I ask you this: When Obama had a full-blown cult around him, do you remember a single nationally elected Democrat saying the Obama cult is a problem? Not one,” he added.

“This is where we have something to learn from the Democrats. The way they do things is better than the way we do things if you’re looking to put wins up on the scoreboard. They just stick together. That’s their approach,” Sexton said.

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