As the looming deadline approaches for yet another government shutdown, President Trump is gearing up for a major battle with Democratic lawmakers; adding he’s willing to have a full-fledged “shutdown” if left-wing legislators are unwilling to compromise on immigration.

“Trump is setting this up as quite a battle over immigration. We have a shutdown coming soon. Trump made quite clear where he stands on this,” said Buck Sexton.

“Trump knows that he won the last shutdown. He knows that the Democrats had assumed -until this most recent face-off- that they would always win because the media is in their pocket. The media is a tool of the DNC,” he added.

“They thought that last time they could be the ones to say, ‘We will block funding for the government, we are in the minority, but the Republicans are guilty of causing the shutdown,’” Sexton said. “It couldn’t have been any more apparent. The difference here was largely Trump. He was the X-factor in the shutdown fight.”

“The shutdown that looms right now, Trump realizes this has to be used as leverage in the immigration debate and the negotiations. Trump’s opening bid to the other side was more generous than I would have started out with,” said Buck.

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