Video of Buck discussing the London Bridge terror attack and the need to step up vigilance on America’s Newsroom.

#FakeNews Goes After Ivanka

After The Wall Street Journal ran an article about the Saudis donating $100 million to a World Bank charity promoted by Ivanka Trump, the #FakeNews media jumped on the story, equating it to the worst practices of the Clinton Foundation. Buck calls out the total lack of comparison in this patented #BuckSlap.

The Origin of “Shields High”

Ever wonder what’s the story with Buck’s preferred signoff, “Shields High”? A caller asked that question last Friday, and we at Team Buck decided to preserve the explanation for posterity.


Gender Pay Gap: The Lie that Won’t Die

EQUAL PAY HYPOCRISY: Will the real Elizabeth Warren please stand up? For the first time, Warren was silent on #EqualPayDay after a Washington Free Beacon analysis found a giant pay gap in her own office. Buck reminded listeners about the truth of Warren’s troubled background.

Buck Sexton tells Glenn Beck the story of how he went from the TheBlaze. Also - what it took to accomplish something no other person has in talk radio.

Buck Sexton reacts to Jon Stewart’s monologue about race and Ferguson, Missouri.

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