The mainstream media’s full-fledged obsession with Russian collusion continued Wednesday, with pundits hysterically warning of a “constitutional crisis” should the President take swift action against Mueller’s probe.

“They keep telling us about this crisis. A crisis is a very serious situation, very severe penalties or risks involved. What is this crisis? We keep hearing about it. How? What? Where? These are very basic questions,” said Buck Sexton.

“There’s no turning back for a lot of these major media organizations that we all have to keep in mind are tied into the Democratic Party and big business,” he added. “Those who subscribe and believe and put all their stock in the New York Times, CNN; they believe that those are all parts of their own personal brand.”

“That’s why they will never accept what’s happened for the last eighteen months. The media’s gone out on this limb and the branches are cracking,” Sexton said.

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